The Speed of Germans

Now I have been living here in Germany for soon four weeks, there’s a thing I’ve noticed about Germans; they take a lot of time to answer e-mails. At least this is the case in public/governmental offices.
I have written an e-mail and waited for about a week for the answer, nothing.  Then another through a “contact form” a few days ago. Nothing.
I mean, how hard can it be to write a fricking e-mail?! It shall be interesting to see how long this will actually take.

Ah! A new blog…

This should be interesting indeed. I will write about “mad” stuff around me, like things that happens when dealing with Germans (I’ve recently moved to Germany) and other stuff.

Oh, about the word “stuff”: I use the word “stuff” instead of the word “shit”. This makes me appear slightly more serious. Got it? Good! Now remember this stuff in the future.