Why do we need relationships? I mean, two persons living together and perhaps starting a family together. Why do we do that?
I understand that it is biology coded into our DNA to reproduce, but still I wonder why.
There’s already too many people on this earth, why make more?
Why do we like to interact with other people? Why are we social?
Okay, I get it – it is all biology.

Social interaction and making a family, is it actually worth it? Wouldn’t we be better off alone? Think about it: less stress, less work, less disappointments, less trouble, less arguments. More peace of mind, more calm, more freetime, no one to tell you how to do things and so on. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want. You’re the only one to be accountable, if something goes wrong you are the only one to face the consequences (in most cases). No complaints. The list is long for the benefits of staying single, living alone.

So why be together?
Well, it is nice to cuddle and I guess the feeling of security plays a role plus some other things.
But what do I know? I’m just me – one amongst seven billion others on this planet.

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