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It’s funny how we rush from place to place. From home to work. From work to home. Everything in between becomes a blur.
I am commuting back and forth, from home to work. And back again.
People generally don’t smile. I started to look strangers into their eyes and smile. Not a huge smile but a small one that said “Have a nice day”. Some don’t smile at all, but most smile back! I don’t smile like this every day, but most days I do.
I find it very rewarding but that’s not why I do it. I do it because maybe other humans might feel better that day and thus spreading the joy.
I also tell positive things to my friends. Giving them positive feedback, but only if it is true.
Imagine if more people do this. Imagine what would happen.

Love isn’t only about having sex, it is also about taking care of each other. It is about listening. It is about being there. It is about telling the truth no matter how hard it might be.
Love is about smiling. It is about a gentle touch. It is about warmth on a cold winter day.
Love is about looking past that hard shell most people is carrying around. It is about trust and much more.

Have a wonderful day and remember that the strangers you see everyday, is looking for the same things in life as you do.

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